Advanced Biological Marketing

Advanced Biological Marketing

Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) is a leading all-natural biological company offering seed treatments for commercial agriculture. It is a vertically integrated company that discovers, formulates and manufactures products for agricultural crops. ABM uses organisms that exist naturally in the environment, such as bacteria or fungi to develop its products. It is best known for its highly selected strains of Trichoderma, an all-natural fungi that colonize root surfaces upon contact to increase the soil’s microbial activity, stimulate root systems and increase yields.

The product offering includes formulations for commercial seed treatment as an “in the bag” solution and planter box products that are easily applied by the grower at planting time.

Currently, the product line-up includes products for corn, soybeans, wheat/cereals, cotton, rice, alfalfa/clover, cover crops pea/lentils, dry beans and vegetables. ABM is the manufacturer of well-known products like SabrEx, Excalibre SA, Marauder, Graph-Ex SA and Naturall for Vegetables. These products have proven to enhance plant growth and increase yields.

ABM is headquartered in Van Wert Ohio with additional warehouse facilities in Albert Lea MN and a facility in Lichtenburg South Africa. Products are available from national ag distribution, independent ag suppliers and from seed companies in both the United States and various countries around the globe.

Advanced Biological Marketing, Connecting the …. From Discovery to the Farmers Field!


To be the leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of agricultural biologicals that increase yields and improve farm productivity while simultaneously interacting with the environment in an elevated and positive manner.



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