We are an international corporation of Guatemalan origin, a leading supplier of agricultural fertilizers and other agricultural inputs in the region that includes Central America and Colombia.

We offer our clients a complete portfolio of agricultural inputs and other agro-industrial supplies, including: bioproducts, agricultural fertilizers, crop protection products, animal nutrition products, agricultural and agro-industrial machinery and equipment.

We market and distribute our agricultural inputs through our companies, with direct operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

In this region we are also a leading company in the flexible plastic packaging products industry, in the representation of different types of machinery, as well as in the business of industrial supplies, logistical solutions and weighing systems.

Contact Info:

Phone: +502-2474-9300
Website: http://www.disagro.com/en
Biological Products Industry Alliance - Advancing Knowledge of Biopesticides and Biostimulants
Advancing Knowledge of Biopesticides and Biostimulants