Acadia Regulatory Consulting, LLC

John Fournier, Principal

331 W. King Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
Ph: (607) 220-4860
Skype: john-fournier77

Services Offered:

  • US and Canadian biopesticide registrations
  • Regulatory stewardship for biopesticides, antimicrobials, and reduced-risk chemicals
  • Market analysis and product development
  • Biochemical classification
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Study placement
  • Products exempt from registration
  • New active ingredients and end use products
  • Label amendments and notifications
  • Data waiver requests
  • State registrations
  • Organic and other third-party certifications
  • US Agent services for non-US companies
  • NPDES permitting

Compliance Services International (CSI)

Jim Gagne, Principal Consultant

7501 Bridgeport Way West
Lakewood, WA 98499
Ph: 828.257.4022

Jeremiah Wilson, Regulatory Consultant

1133 NW Wall Street, Suite 1
Bend, OR 97701
Ph: 541.516.1277

Services Offered:

FIFRA Services:

  • Product Development & Registration
  • Biopesticide Registration, Federal & State
  • Regulatory Guidance, Support & Strategy
  • Data Development/Study Monitoring
  • EPA Label Maintenance & NOP Labels
  • Risk Assessment
  • Litigation Support (Data Compensation, Intellectual Property, and Expert Witness Testimony)
  • Antimicrobial/Biocidal Product Registration

Other Services:

  • OMRI Listing
  • International Registration Support

Delta Analytical Corporation

Jeff Jones, Principal

Rob Jones, Regulatory Consultant

Damon Cory-Watson, Regulatory Consultant

12510 Prosperity Drive, Suite 160
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Phone: (301) 680-7971

Services Offered:

  • Biopesticide and biostimulant registration, Federal and State
  • New Active Ingredient Registration, Federal and State
  • State Registrations for 25(b) products
  • Registration, Get-to-Market Strategies
  • Label Compliance
  • Amendments and Notifications
  • Ongoing Compliance Activities
  • Re-registration and Data Call-ins
  • Data Compensation Requests and Arbitration
  • US Agent Services
  • TSCA Compliance
  • Preparation and submission of data rights transfers, tolerance petitions, formulator agreements, EPA Design for the Environment applications, notices of arrivals, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. OMRI Listing, NOP Label


James Messina, Principal Regulatory Consultant

Center for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety
1150 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20036
Ph: (202) 772-4932
Fax: (202) 772-4979
Cell: (301) 908-1181

Carrie Daniels, Senior Managing Regulatory Consultant

Center for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety
1150 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20036
Ph: (202) 772-4916
Fax: (202) 772-4979
Cell: (703) 507-1963

Services Offered:

FIFRA Support:

  • Biochemicals
  • Microbials
  • Plant Incorporated Protectants
  • Biochemical Classification Requests
  • Registration Strategy
  • Registration Support
  • Study Placement and Monitoring
  • Waiver Requests
  • Tolerance Exemption Support
  • Data Compensation
  • Conventional Chemicals
  • Antimicrobials

MacIntosh & Associates, Inc.

Susan MacIntosh, President

1203 Hartford Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55116-1622
Ph: +1.651.340.1262
Cell: +1 612.720.9260
Skype name: suemac94
Web: macintosh.html

Services Offered:

  • Product Registration
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Regulatory Management
  • Biopesticides and GM crops
  • Deregulation petitions – USDA- APHIS
  • Import, movement and release – PPQ Permitting
  • FDA consultations – GM Food/Feed
  • Product Development
  • FIFRA 25(b) Products, exempt from EPA Registration
  • Regulatory Data Development

Additional Technical Expertise:

  • Allergy Assessment
  • Insect Resistance Management

OMC Ag Consulting, Inc.

Olav Messerschmidt

828 Tanglewood Lane
East Lansing, MI 48823
Ph: (517) 881-0106

Services Offered:

  • US and Canadian Registrations
  • Product Development
  • Project Management

SciReg, Inc.

Jim Damico
Cinda Bell
Patricia Biggio
Fred Smith
Sheryl Reilly

12733 Director’s Loop
Woodbridge, VA 22192
Ph: (703) 494-6500

Services Offered:

  • Pesticide and plant growth regulator registrations [e.g., new active ingredients (AIs), new sources of AIs, end-use products, “me-too” products, etc.].
  • Tolerance (i.e., MRL) and tolerance exemption petitions (AIs and inert ingredients).
  • Advice/counsel on pesticide products exempt from EPA registration [e.g., pesticide devices, FIFRA 25(b) products, etc.]
  • Regulatory services for fertilizers (including bio-fertilizers), plant strengtheners, and soil amendments
  • Study design, placement, and monitoring.
  • EPA establishment registration, records maintenance, and reporting.
  • Contract quality assurance (e.g., GLP facility, data, and report reviews).

toXcel, LLC

Alan Katz, President

Connie Welch, VP / Antimicrobials

Nicole Perkinson, Project Manager / Biopesticides
7140 Heritage Village Plaza
Gainesville, VA 20155 USA
Ph: 703.754.0248

Christine McAlinden, U.K. Regulatory Director
P.O. Box 93 – Ledbury HR8 9JE UK
Ph: +44(0) 153163.8999

Services Offered:

  • U.S. and international biopesticide and registrations – biochemicals, microbials, antimicrobials, repellents, agricultural chemicals
  • Biochemical classification
  • Regulatory strategies • Toxicology and exposure evaluations
  • Human and environmental risk assessment
  • Data waiver justifications
  • Data gap analysis
  • Study placement
  • Laboratory study monitoring
  • New active ingredient and “me-too” registrations
  • Label and advertising review and compliance
  • Data compensation appraisals and negotiations
  • Tolerance petitions and exemptions
  • Amendments and notifications
  • US and EU agent services

Technology Sciences Group Inc. (TSG)

Amy Roberts, Senior Regulatory Consultant
Jacob Moore, Regulatory Consultant
Janice Asato, Regulatory Consultant
Micah Reynolds, Senior Regulatory Consultant
Leslie Garcia, Senior Regulatory Consultant
Laurie Tyo, Director at TSG Canada

1150 18th Street NW, Suite 1000
Washington D.C., 20036

712 Fifth Street, Suite A
Davis, CA, 95616

Phone: 1-530-757-1245

Services Offered:

  • Biopesticide and biostimulant registration in the US, Canada, EU and China
  • Registration strategies and product development
  • Pre-registration meetings with agencies
  • Concurrent new active ingredient registration in California
  • State product registration, renewal and tonnage reporting
  • US Agent services
  • Organic approval services (NOP, OMRI, and WSDA)
  • Regulatory services for agricultural, antimicrobials, and 25b minimum risk pesticides, fertilizers, soil amendments and biostimulants
  • Product compliance and defense

TSGE Consulting

Alison Hamer

Concordia House, St. James Business Park,
Grimbald Crag Court, Knaresborough,
North Yorkshire, HG5 8QB, UK
Ph: +44 (0) 1423 799633


Services Offered:

We prepare submissions for:

  • Microbial pest control agents
  • Plant extracts and other biochemical
  • Semiochemicals

Our services include:

  • Strategic advice and guidance
  • Dossier prep & submission
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities