BPIA Welcomes New Members:

Exacto, Inc.

Exacto, Inc. has nearly four decades of experience engineering sustainable agronomic solutions and producing private label products for several industry segments including Agriculture, Turf & Ornamental, and Industrial Vegetation Management.  

Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC

Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC is a manufacturer of specialty agricultural products including adjuvants, biostimulants, micronutrients, foliar, water soluble fertilizers and crop production aids that help improve crop yields and quality. At Miller we’ve been solving the tough problems for growers globally, for over 80 years. Leading the way with science, experience and education, we develop products specifically engineered to deliver superior results, one crop at a time.  

Faegre Drinker

Faegre Drinker is a top 50 full-service law firm designed for clients, with more than 1,300 attorneys, consultants and professionals in 21 locations in the United States, London and Shanghai. Clients are at the start — and the heart — of everything we do. As advisers to many of the world’s leading food and agribusiness companies since 1912, our team of 150+ food and agribusiness attorneys understands the legal, regulatory and business challenges our clients confront on an everyday basis. We partner with our clients to develop and execute strategies related to the science, economics, markets, government regulation, dispute resolution and public relations aspects of the field-to-plate cycles. When disputes, regulatory changes or product recalls emerge, our regulatory and litigation teams provide peace of mind as clients implement new compliance protocols or tackle high-stakes litigation. And our colleagues at Faegre Drinker Consulting support clients on the regulatory issues and affairs that impact food and agribusiness stakeholders. Our culture is firmly rooted in relentless client focus and mutual trust that empowers collaboration. We listen to understand our clients’ priorities and pressure points. We bring our clients fresh ideas that work. And we deliver excellence — without arrogance. We are committed to our communities and to building a diverse and inclusive firm that reflects those communities and our clients.


BioLiNE® Corp. is a technology development company that is helping farmers improve the sustainability of food production, by bringing to market crop inputs that consistently demonstrate superior results for growers. We use our proprietary Fulv-IQ™ process to purify and isolate targeted fractions of fulvic acids that have the most crop-beneficial properties. Our products have been lauded by crop-input formulators for their compatibility with other inputs, and ease-of-use. With low usage rate requirements, our versatile solutions drive nutrients to your crops. BioLiNE® is committed to research and contributing to the scientific advancement of sustainability in agriculture.    

Nutrient TECH

At Nutrient TECH we actively participate in creating a positive future for agriculture. We continually improve the science and technology we build to support the sustainable growth of food and fiber for the world. Our manufacturing facility is located in the heart of California’s Central Valley where 300 commodities are grown. We are able to build and deliver custom formulations at scale for large growers and retailers with 72 hour lead times in most cases. Our full-service lab includes nutrient and particle size analyzers to ensure each batch meets our quality standards. Our chemists and manufacturing teams work closely together to monitor batches, improve processes, and deliver the best products. As part of the De Sangosse Group, we are able to tap into global research and bring innovative and sustainable products to market quickly. Our product development team collaborates with third parties, universities, and international partners to prove product efficacy in a variety of crops under different growing conditions. Our expert sales team is comprised of Agronomists and Plant Nutritionists with CCA, PCA, and QAL licenses. They work with growers and distributors to address the nutritional needs of crops and proactively prevent nutrient deficiencies. Custom nutrition programs are recommended depending on the stage of the growing cycle and the goals of the grower.

Kula Bio

Kula Bio is the leader in sustainable nitrogen solutions, helping growers improve crop yield and reduce environmental impacts.  We provide a cost effective biofertilizer that boosts a naturally occurring process to deposit meaningful amounts of plant available nitrogen in the soil.  Kula Bio was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Natick, MA.”


MustGrow is an agriculture biotech company developing organic biopesticides and bioherbicides by harnessing the natural defense mechanism of the mustard plant to protect the global food supply from diseases, insect pests, and weeds. MustGrow is developing mustard-based organic solutions to potentially replace harmful synthetic chemicals. Over 100 independent tests have been completed, validating MustGrow’s safe and effective approach to crop and food protection. Pending regulatory approval, MustGrow’s patented liquid products could be applied through injection, standard drip or spray equipment, improving functionality and performance features. Now a platform technology, MustGrow and its global partners are pursuing applications in several different industries from preplant soil treatment and weed control, to postharvest disease control and food preservation.  For further details, please visit www.mustgrow.ca.

Agri Sciences Biologicals

Agri Sciences Biologicals is based in the Netherlands and provides bio-based solutions to growers all over the world. The new Agri Sciences Biologicals company is a natural evolution from parent company Agri Sciences that builds on a heritage of agricultural and manufacturing expertise. ASB benefits from an existing supply chain and manufacturing infrastructure to be able to supply global customers innovative offerings in biostimulant technology and beyond. 


Momentive is a premier global advanced materials company with a cutting-edge focus on silicone and specialty products, delivering technologies, solutions and processes designed to propel the customer’s products forward, creating a more sustainable future. Specifically for agriculture, Momentive is a global leader in agricultural adjuvants with more than 40 years of expertise in the field - the company has been at the forefront of the industry since pioneering the first organosilicone super spreader for agriculture in 1985. Today, the company offers a complete portfolio of activator adjuvants and special purpose adjuvants through its Silwet™, Agrospred™ and SAG™ brands, including spreaders, penetrants and antifoams optimized for a wide range of agricultural applications, including performance enhancement for biological products.

Russell S. Jones Biopesticide & Plant Biostimulant Strategies LLC

Russell S. Jones Biopesticide & Plant Biostimulant Strategies LLC provides advice and scientific support for biochemical pesticide registrations, plant regulator and plant biostimulants label claims, registration cost estimates, and biochemical classifications of new active ingredients for applicants. B&PBS LLC does not prepare registration submissions but does provide expert support for submission preparers.


RATIONALE provides reputable expert advice and services to the biopesticide industry. We combine in-depth knowledge of the industry with the skills needed to facilitate technology transfer between the diverse players - academia, policy makers, manufacturers, regulators and growers. RATIONALE facilitates the process of placing products onto the market by streamlining product development, registration and marketing. Expertise:
  • Biopesticide technologies microorganisms, botanicals and semio-chemicals.
  • Using in-depth scientific know-how of biopesticide technologies to develop good crop protection solutions.
  • Commercialisation of biopesticides aligned with regulatory requirements to streamline their production and development whilst rationalising development costs.
  • Regulation and registration of biopesticides in Europe, Africa and Australasia.
  • Management of biopesticide specific trial programmes to optimise biopesticide efficacy in the field.
  • Established biocontrol networks globally.
  • Project management of multi-partner projects.
Examples of Projects:
  • Project manage (e.g. EU, New Zealand, Kenya) the development and registration of over 40 biopesticides, including preparation of efficacy data and dossiers, providing regulatory support and marketing information for semio-chemical, botanical and microbial based substances.
  • Biopesticide consultant for UK SCEPTRE project evaluating biopesticides for use in IPM for horticulture growers.
  • Biopesticide production using appropriate technology - facility start-up, product development and capacity building in Kenya (Dudutech Limited) and Real Biopesticide Limited; biofungicides, bioinsecticides and bio-nematicides.
  • Managed and developed QC programmes for biopesticide producers.
  • Management of biorational product patent and trademark portfolio.
  • Capacity building for biopesticide regulation – development of regulatory approved guidance documents, training regulators in biopesticides.
  • For EU project in Zambia - evaluate start-up of a natural enemy business.
  • Specific biopesticide production and use advice (EU, USA and Kenyan companies).
  • Development of entomopathogenic nematode-based products for pest control in flowers and vegetables (Dudutech, Kenya).
  • Production of Pasteuria penetrans to control root knot nematodes in vegetables (DFID).
  • Production of baculoviruses to control Plutella xylostella in vegetables (DFID).
  • COLEACP/PIP funded project - advice for registration of biopesticides in Kenya, funding evaluations.
  • Arab Organisation for Agriculture Development, UAE, Red Palm Weevil Project - evaluation of the commercial potential of the biopesticides developed.
  • Consultant to project on use of entomopathogenic nematodes for thrips control (UK).
  • Editor of The Biocontrol Agent Manual (BCPC).
  • Vice-President of IBMA.

Kerona Scientific

With offices in Ireland, Spain, and the UK, Kerona Scientific is an award-winning European based regulatory consultancy providing a wide range of services for the registration of plant protection products, plant biostimulants, biopesticides, fertilisers, biocides and adjuvants throughout the EU. Kerona provides a full range of expert services to support client registration in Europe, including strategic regulatory advice on new product introductions and maintenance and expansion of existing product ranges. Our clients benefit from our multilingual and multidisciplinary team of experts in analytical chemistry, toxicology, environmental fate, ecotoxicology, microbiology, and biochemistry. We assist with all aspects of data generation and dossier preparation, such as data gap analysis, data review, study commissioning, dossier preparation, technical equivalence, and risk assessments for human health, consumer and the environment. We also provide a wide range of support services, for data access negotiations, representation with EU authorities and task forces, only representative, document management, labelling, CLP/GHS, SDS authoring and literature searches. Drawing on our experience of more than 40 years in regulatory management, we advise on the most efficient and expeditious pathway to success for national and regional authorisation, under Plant Protection Product legislation (Regulation 1107/2009) and the Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR, Regulation 2019/1009). We are proud to work with all our clients and delighted that many of the leading companies worldwide have chosen to work with us. Our clients include global multinationals and SMEs from the plant protection, plant biostimulant, biopesticide, biocide and chemical sectors. Kerona Scientific Ltd. 14 Thomas Hand Street Skerries, Co Dublin, K34 A375 Ireland Tel: +353 (0)1 849 5284 info@kerona.ie www.kerona.ie Main Contacts: Dr Irene McGrath, Managing Director, irene@kerona.ie, +353 (0)1849 5284 and Greg O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer, greg@kerona.ie, +353 (0)1849 5284

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of fertility and control products for professional turf and ornamental use, for golf and sports turf application. and for consumer home lawns and gardens. To further beautify yards, we manufacture premium wild bird food. Together, our products help create beautiful, healthy and sustainable yards and landscapes for the enjoyment of those who use them. The company was founded in Lebanon, PA in 1947 and remains headquartered in the same town over 75 years later. Built on a commitment to new product research and development, Lebanon Seaboard continues to develop innovative and differentiated products, utilizing leading technologies that deliver superior results and address a wide variety of needs. While most of our products are distributed across the U.S., our customers span the globe as we provide turf products that are used on the world’s finest golf courses.

Advanced BioNutrition Corp.

Advanced BioNutrition Corp. (ABN) is a technology provider that is focused on offering environmentally sustainable and science-based bioactive stabilization, protection and delivery solutions to a variety of industries, spanning from human nutrition and health and human biologics to agriculture, food ingredients, and food safety. ABN continues to explore new verticals based on technologies available with over 40 patents. ABN’s advanced stabilization, protection and delivery technologies on sensitive bioactives are effective on bacteria, yeasts and other fungi, bacteriophages, vaccines, enzymes and more.

Creekbank Associates

Coaching, Advisory Consulting and Technical Services for Sustainability Leaders Through our work with sustainability leaders, we identify and develop the best possible outcomes for enhancing their organization’s Social License to Operate. Creekbank Associates offers three types of service to our valued clients. Our Coaching services are designed to empower sustainability leaders to achieve their most important goals. We guide sustainability leaders to be even more successful than they’ve ever been in the past. Our Coaching services are helmed by Creekbank Associates’ CEO and founder, Jody Bickel. Jody has spent the last 25 years working hand-in-hand with some of the best sustainability leaders in the world. She’s learned a lot of lessons, many of which she shares through the Sustainability Leader Insights newsletter. Most of our Coaching services are offered on an annual basis. We find that we have our greatest impact when we have one year to work with sustainability leaders. Our Strategic Advisory Consulting provides targeted consulting engagement designed to deliver time-sensitive strategic advisory insights to inform and guide internal decision-making on pivotal issues. These engagements typically last from 6-12 months, but the impact will often last for decades or longer. We also offer Technical services across a wide array of disciplines. We bring hard-to-find expertise to the table to solve complex technical problems in the environmental services space. Our Technical services are usually acquired on a project basis. Both Coaching and Technical services usually begin with a no-obligation discovery session so we can recommend the best-fit services to each client. Our team of experts is unrivaled in their core competencies.

Western Growers

Western Growers is an agricultural trade organization, representing growers and handlers of fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables grown and sold from the states of California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Our members and their employees provide half of the nation’s fresh fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts, including nearly half of America’s fresh organic produce. For generations, we have provided a wide variety of healthy food choices to consumers.


Microbial Biological Fertilizers International - MBFi, is a 20-year-old family-owned global agricultural inputs company. MBFi specializes in Green Chemistry, bio-stimulants, inoculants and adjuvants. The company has a key focus on biological crop technologies as a way to provide the grower with effective, sustainable crop inputs.


We're transforming agriculture through reliable and affordable bio-based solutions. We create targeted, non-toxic pest control that is safe for humans and the environment. RNA interference, or RNAi, allows us to target and “turn off” specific genes in specific pests. Our novel, biodegradable encapsulation technology enhances actives and restores nutrients for plant health.