BPIA Welcomes New Members:

Wiley Rein

Wiley Rein’s Environment & Safety Practice brings a unique set of skills to the representation of businesses and trade associations at both the Federal and State levels and in international forums. Substantively, we are recognized leaders in handling pesticide and chemical litigation and regulatory matters, battery and electronics industry issues, the regulation of the transportation of hazardous products, environmentally-based land use programs such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and the laws applicable to product stewardship. We also assist clients on a variety of traditional pollution control, consumer product safety and energy efficiency matters. Procedurally, we counsel, litigate, stimulate, or respond to regulatory proposals and support legislative lobbying. Our internationally recognized attorneys, consultants, and regulatory analysts leverage the firm’s exceptional policy, regulatory, and litigation depth to advance their clients’ needs before Congress, all applicable federal government agencies, at the state and municipal level, and before the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), and other international authorities.

CHR Hansen

Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company with the vision to use nature’s own resources to address important global challenges within food, health and agriculture. Chr. Hansen develops natural solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries and every day more than one billion people consume a product containing a Chr. Hansen ingredient. In 2012, Chr. Hansen established a new business unit ‘Plant Health’. As global agricultural productivity requirements are ever increasing, Chr. Hansen believes microbial solutions will be essential to address productivity challenge.  Building on 140 years’ expertise within microbial solutions and food bacteria, Chr. Hansen has entered the plant health market to become part of the answer with the purpose of inventing, developing and commercializing bacterial solutions to the agricultural industry.

Chr. Hansen was founded in 1874 by the Danish pharmacist Christian D.A. Hansen. Chr. Hansen employs about 3,500 people in more than 30 countries and is a publicly listed company.


To Probelte, quality is not a mere commitment but indeed a duty. At Probelte, we work day by day to improve the quality of our products, investing in R&D&I in the pursuit of continuous improvement. Innovation is part of our DNA, and so is the responsibility we have towards our customers, agriculture and nature. They allow us to proudly say that we are leaders on the market


Blue Norther Investments

Blue Norther Investments is a holding company and professional consulting firm based in the Dallas, Texas area. Since 2012 the company has operated and invested in areas as diverse as agriculture, healthcare, real estate, multimedia advertising and oil & gas services. Today we focus primarily on the agricultural sector. Our “virtual team” consists of professionals from agronomy, crop protection, manufacturing, product development, real estate, finance, creative & marketing and information technology. Depending on the project, we assemble the correct team to help our clients achieve an exceptional level of clarity and vision for the opportunity at hand.