Today’s consumers are increasingly sensitive to chemical use in food production. And many consider produce grown with less chemical inputs as healthier, safer, and friendlier for the environment.

Growers, farm advisors and government regulators are addressing these perceptions by working to reduce total chemical residue levels on harvested crops. Listening to the demands of their customers, several large European multinational grocery stores and food processing companies are already requiring lower pesticide residues than the current government-mandated Maximum Residue Limits.

Most biocontrols are exempt from residue limits on fresh and processed foods around the world. Whether used alone or in combination with reduced rates of traditional chemistries, biocontrols use reduces consumer exposure to regulated chemical residues. For growers, food retailers, and consumers alike, this means that biocontrols can be used to reduce the number of chemical pesticides used, the number of applications required to manage pests, and/or lower the application rates without sacrificing food safety or quality. These benefits are essential for a progressive crop management program servicing the needs of today’s marketplace.