This section is devoted to providing this important and useful information to prospective registrants of biocontrols.

The registration process for biocontrols is governed by the US EPA Biologicals Pollution Prevention Division (BPPD). Recently, BPPD initiated a number of enhancements designed to provide further guidance and help improve the efficiency of the regulatory process. View each of the topics to learn more. Registrants are urged to use these valuable resources to gain a better understanding of what BPPD needs to expedite the registration process, and to help ensure that submissions are complete and “right the first time.”

EPA BPPD Data Evaluation Record (DER) Templates for Microbial Active Ingredients

The Agency encourages applicants to submit study summaries using BPPD’s Data Evaluation Record (DER) Templates provided below or alternatively, using the relevant NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) or OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) templates. Using these templates will helpensure that all report elements are addressed and thus will expedite and facilitate the review of submitted data.