The Mission of BPIA

Our mission is advancing sustainability through biological solutions.

In September 2015, the Biological Products Industry Alliance celebrated its 15th anniversary at its semi-annual fall meeting in Alexandria, VA. The meeting was marked by record attendance.
BPIA includes several committees that bring together the resources and the focus necessary to achieve the organization’s many objectives. BPIA routinely engages with key regulators at USEPA, USDA, Canada’s PMRA, and the states including the California DPR; individual members officially represent BPIA on the PRIA Coalition and EPA’s Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC); other members cover key stakeholder meetings and often provide comments on behalf of the industry.

Interactions with the regulators are utilized to raise and resolve issues, comment constructively on emerging policies and regulations, and learn how registrants can improve their submissions. The BPIA disseminates its findings to the membership via website postings, email updates, and reports at membership meetings. Input and questions from BPIA member companies regarding issues are always welcome.

The Value of Biological Products

Biologicals are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of today’s market.  Biologicals offer unique benefits all along the food value chain, providing additional options for growers, buyers, dealers, consultants and retailers. While biocontrols have been around for more than 50 years, the market has experienced its most significant period of growth — in terms of both sales and user acceptance — over the past five years. Learn how incorporating biologicals into your program can help with pest, harvest, residue, and resistance management as well as crop quality and yield.