Common Objectives of the International Federation of Biocontrol/Biopesticde Associations
Rick Melnick, BPIA Board Chairman

Global Organic Industry and Regulatory Update
Dr. Nate Lewis, Senior Crops and Livestock Specialist, Organic Trade Association

Access & Benefit Sharing Regulations: Implications for the Biocontrol Industry
Willem Ravensberg, President IBMA
Johannette Klapwijk, IBMA-IBCA Steering Group

Neonicotinoids: Implications for the Biocontrol Industry
Iain Kelly, Ph.D.,Director Regulatory Policy and Issues Management Bayer CropScience

Regulatory Harmonizaton: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities
Nina Wilson, Regulatory Scientist/ Regulatory Affairs; Gowan Co. BPIA

Building Better Relationships with IGOs, NGOs: Developing a Unified Message from Industry
Tim Martin, Executive Coach

Gaining Traction for Biologicals with the World Health Organization
Steve Krause, Global Business Manager, Valent Biosciences Corporation

Collaborating Across the Supply Chain to Improve Product Sustainability
Sarah E. Lewis, Ph.D, The Sustainability Consortium

Harmonization: Integration of Biocontrols and Conventional Products at the Macro Level
Dr. Warren Shafer, Executive Vice President, Global R&D and Regulatory Affairs, Valent BioSciences Corporation

Biostimulants and Biocontrols: Defining the Differences
Bob Ames, PhD, Agrobiology Consulting, LLC

HARMONIZATION: Managing the Changing Profile of Association Membership
Presenters: David Cary, Executive Director, IBMA; William C. Dunham, Board Member, BPIA; Managing Partner, Dunham Trimmer; Renee Ruiter, President ANBP North American Business Unit Director, Koppert Biological Sustems

Managing the changing profile of association membership
David Cary, IBMA, Executive Director