Addie Waxman

Addie Waxman Ph.D.

Agronomy Manager for Western North America for McCain Foods

Addie Waxman PhD is a potato and onion Agronomy Manager for Western North America for McCain Foods, the world’s largest potato manufacturer. She currently works with growers to support regenerative growing practices to improve soil health. Previously, Dr. Waxman was the Global Director of Research and Development for 1,4GROUP, a chemical company that promoted the use of biological and organic chemicals.

Dr. Waxman earned her B.S. degrees from Va. Tech in biology and chemistry with a minor in microbiology. She also earned her M.S. degree at Va. Tech in food science with an emphasis in dairy. In 2017, while working full-time and raising teen-aged children, Addie Waxman was the first person to earn an at-distance PhD in Agriculture from the University of Idaho. In addition, her applied potato research was awarded the Potato Association of America’s honor of Most Outstanding Paper in 2018.