Nijak, Gary

Gary Nijak Jr

VP of Business Development, aerialPLOT

Mr. Gary Nijak Jr, PE is the VP of Business Development for aerialPLOT. aerialPLOT is software analytics company that leverages multiple layers of information including aerial imagery to rapidly develop research insights for agriculture products. Prior to joining aerialPLOT, Mr. Nijak was CEO of Green and Grow Inc and spent the last decade in private equity and venture backed companies developing and commercializing biological products including metabolites, small molecules, living biologicals, and others. His efforts have spanned both North and South America. On at least two occasions he almost lost his life because an ant eater was crossing the road during visits to field trials.

In a previous life before agriculture, Mr. Nijak was involved in the development of new environmental products for the engineering sector including heavy metal remediation using novel biogenic substrates, detecting IEDs using remote sensing coupled to chemical signatures, automated pathogen sensors, and soil stabilization using biobased products. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Chemical Engineering and MS in Environmental Engineering from Southern Methodist University. He is a registered professional engineer in Colorado and spends his time in California with his wife and dog, but prefers to be looking at corn and soybeans in Wisconsin.