patrick brown

Patrick H. Brown

Distinguished Professor, University of California-Davis

Dr. Patrick Brown is the Professor of Plant Nutrition at the University of California, Davis – USA. He has authored more than 220 scientific journal articles and numerous books and is among the highest cited experts in plant nutrition, biostimulants, foliar fertilizers and horticulture. Dr. Brown is recognized globally as a leader in both basic and applied plant nutrition research with notable contributions to the function, transport and management of nickel and boron, and significant contributions to research on potassium, nitrogen, zinc, foliar fertilization, salinity and biostimulants.

Dr. Brown has served as President of the International Plant Nutrition Council 2005-2009 and as a council member since 1998. In 2017 and 2021 he chaired the Biostimulants World Congress. He has served as a member of numerous scientific and technical committees for governmental agencies including US-EPA, USDA, Californian Dept. Food and Ag and the International Standards Organization. Dr. Brown is a member of the IFA’s Science Panel for the Responsible Use of Fertilizers. He has also received many awards for excellence in research and extension, including the United States Department of Agriculture Extension award (2014), the American Society of Plant Biology Dennis Hoagland Award for Plant Nutrition (2021), the Soil Science Society of America Leo M Walsh Distinguished Lecturer for Soil Fertility Research and Extension (2021) and the International Fertilizer Association’s Norman Borlaug Award for career contributions to Plant Nutrition.