BPIA Madison, Guy pic

Guy Madison

Principal Agronomist, Lamb Weston

Guy Madison grew up in the Tri-Cities, located in Eastern Washington. Guy attended college at Washington State University in Pullman, WA, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Education in 1978.

Guy began his career that year as an Agronomist in the retail fertilizer and agricultural chemical business. While working with the different Growers in an irrigated setting, the real education seemed to take hold. Guy remained in that role for 21 years before accepting the Head Agronomist position with Watts Bros. Hundred Circles Farm, located in Paterson, WA. The Hundred Circles Farm changed ownership to what is known as the Lamb Weston Hundred Circles Company Farm. It was there that Guy had exposure to large-scale agriculture, which soon turned part of its focus to the Organic sector. At this time, different organic and biologicals concepts were embraced and trialed with the different cropping systems on the farm. There were successes, along with some failures, through those growing years.

After 21 years at the farm, Guy was asked to increase his involvement in the international potato business that Lamb Weston was taking on, by supporting the challenges of the different international growing areas. Guy has been a member of the International Agronomy Team since his first trip to China in 2013. The world seems smaller when working with different countries, seeing challenges similar to our own.

Guy will retire March 31, 2023.