Hank Krueger

Dr. Hank Krueger

VP of Science and Regulatory Affairs, Eurofins AgroScience Laboratories

Dr. Krueger is the VP of Science and Regulatory Affairs at Eurofins AgroScience Laboratories (formerly Wildlife International) in Easton, Maryland and has been working in regulatory ecotoxicology for 35 years.  He has been working with microbial products and conventional chemicals throughout his career. He was the director and manager of Aquatic, Plant and Insect Toxicology in Easton, Maryland for 25 years and managed business and financial affairs, as well as providing technical direction in program coordination and development. His background is in both aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology and early in his career at Wildlife International served as Director of Field Programs for 10 years, where he had overall responsibilities for directing activities of mesocosms, terrestrial and aquatic field studies, as well as plant studies conducted in greenhouses. He obtained his M.S. Degree from Central Michigan University and his Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming where he worked at the US Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Research Unit. His expertise is in plant and animal regulatory ecotoxicology that includes greenhouse, pollinator, and aquatic studies.  His particular interests are in algae, honey bee and bumblebee lab testing, fish bio-concentration, fish and frog endocrine disruption, invertebrate sediment testing, plant injury scoring, and the development of new testing methods.  Most recently, he delivered a talk to OECD in Paris on the challenges of standard aquatic toxicity studies with microbial products.