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John Foster

Wolf & Associates

John has been active in the organic community and industry for 30+ years. He spent 10+ years working in organic inspection and certification throughout North America and 10+ years with Earthbound Farm, starting with the founders and ending his time there as the Director of Supply Chain Strategy under ownership by Danone NA.  John has served on various industry Boards and Committees since 2000 and served on the NOSB as a Handler Representative from 2010-2015. He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Sustainability Council of the Organic Trade Association. In the last several years, he has consulted in Strategic Business Development, Change Management, Organic R&D, Carbon Sequestration & Climate Change Mitigation. In 2020, he partnered with Bill Wolf and Wolf & Associates to build consulting capacity and scope of the firm’s business in the areas of organic compliance, certification, and materials review, as well as business strategy, communications, and marketing in organic food and agriculture.

John is best known for his un-stereotyped problem-solving skills, thirst for applicable knowledge and esoterica alike, appreciation for absurdity and abstraction in all their forms, and squeezing in quotes from The Big Lebowski into everyday conversations. He revels in bringing the benefits of organic theory and practice to as many as possible and serving as a catalyst for positive change.