Ulrich Kuhlmann

Dr Ulrich Kuhlmann

Executive Director, Global Operations, CABI

Ulrich (Ulli) has worked for CAB International (CABI) for the past 25 years. He is an experienced executive manager overseeing the management and operation of an intergovernmental organization at its eleven centres across Asia (4), Africa (3), Europe (2) and the Americas (2). Within this role, Ulli is responsible for fostering collaborations between the centres and international partners, and developing new opportunities to improve agricultural production, alleviate poverty and enhance food safety and food security. He is the professional lead for science within the organization, responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and delivery of CABI’s scientific programme. Ulli has a thorough understanding in the development and application of biological-based pest management approaches and passioned about promoting the awareness and uptake of bioprotection solutions globally.