Conn & Smith

Conn & Smith

Conn & Smith, Inc. provides pesticide regulatory consulting services with an emphasis on registration of biopesticides and other reduced risk pesticides, including of new active ingredients, in the United States and Canada.

Conn & Smith, Inc. services include:

  • Evaluation of data requirements;
  • Data development from draft protocol to final report;
  • Preparation of applications for registration, tolerance (MRL) petitions, and tolerance 
exemption petitions;
  • Regulatory strategy development, including preparation of data waiver requests and use of 
published literature, for fastest initiation of cash flow;
  • Preparation of petitions and applications for use of new active ingredients and new 
formulations in organic agriculture (NOP, WSDA, OMRI); and

Information collection and analysis regarding US EPA registration data, regulatory histories, 
and regulatory policies.

Contact Info:

6713 Catskill Road
Lorton, VA 22079
Phone: 703-339-1117
Biological Products Industry Alliance - Advancing Knowledge of Biopesticides and Biostimulants
Advancing Knowledge of Biopesticides and Biostimulants