Conn & Smith, Inc.

Conn & Smith, Inc.

Conn & Smith, Inc. provides pesticide regulatory consulting services with an emphasis on registration of biopesticides and other reduced risk pesticides, including of new active ingredients, in the United States and Canada. We deliver high quality submissions that are right the first time. This is made possible by our combined 84 years of pesticide regulatory affairs experience and combined 59 years of pesticide regulatory consulting experience.

Conn & Smith, Inc. services include:

  • FIFRA training courses and FIFRA coaching;
  • Evaluation of data requirements;
  • Data development from draft protocol to final report;
  • Preparation of applications for registration, tolerance (MRL) petitions, and tolerance 
exemption petitions;
  • Regulatory strategy development, including preparation of data waiver requests and use of 
published literature, for fastest initiation of cash flow;
  • Preparation of petitions and applications for use of new active ingredients and new 
formulations in organic agriculture (NOP, OMRI, and WSDA);
  • Information collection and analysis regarding US EPA registration data, regulatory histories, 
and regulatory policies; and
  • FIFRA registration expert witnesses.

Contact Info:

Cindy Smith, Partner
11726 Jasper Court
Naples, FL 34120
Phone: 703-966-5055