Cultiva™ has exclusive rights to a proprietary technology called SureSeal™.  Developed at Oregon State University, SureSeal is designed to supplement the cuticle of the plant; both fruit and foliage.  Cultiva’s first product, Parka™ – Powered by SureSeal™ – is now commercially used on multiple high value crops around the world.  Parka increases marketable yields in fruiting crops with multiple benefits both internal and external.  Supplementing the cuticle with Parka reduces oxidative stress resulting in higher membrane stability that leads to improved quality at harvest followed by extensions in shelf life.

Cultiva is at the forefront of plant cuticle care and research globally.  Cultiva continues to research SureSeal as a technology platform to improve current programs and expand into new crops and geographies.

“It all goes back to the Cuticle™”


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