Innovative Environmental Services

Innovative Environmental Services

Innovative Environmental Services (IES) is an independent and privately owned GLP-certified contract research organization based near Basel in Switzerland.

Specializing in laboratory testing for environmental risk assessments, IES has particular skill in testing a wide range of difficult to handle natural substances, microbials and semiochemicals.

Our testing areas include:

–          Environmental fate; expertise in conducting ready biodegradability studies (and complicated/unusual variants thereof).

–          Ecotoxicology; including large flow through facilities for aquatic testing with unstable test items.

–          Crop metabolism, in-vitro metabolism and in-vitro dermal adsorption studies.

–          Analytical Chemistry; including residue analytics with difficult matrices and multi-component mixtures. High calibre Metabolite ID capabilities.

Contact Info:

Phone: +41 61 705 10 41