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Kwizda Agro

Kwizda Agro GmbH

Gateway to Europe partnerships. Based in Vienna, Austria, Kwizda Agro serves as your strategic partner to navigate the European market, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise across various domains. We excel in the co-development and commercialization of biofungicides, bioinsecticides and repellents, alongside our proficiency in domestic and industrial pest control products. Our footprint extends through Austria, Hungary, Romania, and further into Central Europe, with expansive services that surpass regional boundaries.  We offer deep market knowledge alongside excellence in regulatory compliance, product development, complex formulations, tolling, and comprehensive logistics and sale and distribution solutions.

Biological Products from Europe. In addition to our European operations, Kwizda Agro has expanded its horizons with a new venture in North America. We are excited to introduce a curated selection of cutting-edge biological plant protection products from Europe to the USA and Canada, marking a significant step in our global outreach and commitment to agricultural innovation.

Kwizda Agro, with over 420 employees, is a key division of the Kwizda Group, a family-owned conglomerate with portfolios in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and sealants, always with a commitment to quality and reliability.

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Universitaetsring 6
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