LAM International Corporation

LAM International Corporation

LAM International, located in Butte, Montana, USA, specializes in the research, field development, manufacturing and commercialization of unique stand-alone biologicals that control important pests and diseases, and add value to growers. The company sells its products through its dealer network, which includes several multinational companies in over thirty countries on five continents, and actively extends to more countries through the introduction of innovative commercial pest control biorational solutions.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in the biological market and a management group with more than twenty years with the company, LAM International is leading the way with a line of products with stand-alone performance to bring peace of mind to distributors and growers.

LAM International biologicals do not require special environmental conditions of temperature and humidity for activity; have a wide spectrum of control; do not require refrigerated storage; and have prolonged shelf life stability. Additionally, products are formulated to adapt to current field application practices and are user-ready and compatible in tank mix with most insecticides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers and many fungicides.

Contact Info:

117 South Parkmont
Butte, Montana 59701
Phone: 406 782 2386