SciReg, Inc. provides scientific, regulatory, and quality assurance consulting services primarily to the pesticide, pharmaceutical, animal health, and chemical industries.

The core business of SciReg involves pesticide regulatory assistance, including obtaining and maintaining pesticide product approvals with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and individual State regulatory authorities.  Our location, with offices in the Washington, DC, area near EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs, affords us regular and swift access to the officials and scientific staff responsible for the U.S. regulation of pesticide products.

With a worldwide client base, including clients in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Pacific Islands, South America, and North America, SciReg’s staff of experienced professionals provides high-quality, cost-effective, proactive, and goal-oriented consulting services.

SciReg is extensively involved in biological/biocontrol regulatory actions.  We have a proven track record with the registration of new microbial and biochemical pesticide products and will be pleased to provide you with further details regarding our experience in this area.

SciReg’s pesticide-related services include:

•    Pesticide registrations [e.g., new active ingredients (AIs), new sources of AIs, end-use products, “me-too” products, etc.].
•    Tolerance (i.e., MRL) and tolerance exemption petitions (AIs and inert ingredients).
•    Advice/counsel on pesticide products exempt from EPA registration [e.g., pesticide devices, FIFRA 25(b) products, etc.] •    Study design, placement, and monitoring
•.    EPA establishment registration, records maintenance, and reporting.
•    Contract quality assurance (e.g., GLP facility, protocol, data, and report reviews).
•    Data compensation and legal assistance.

Contact Info:

12733 Director's Loop
Woodbridge, VA 22192
Phone: (703) 494-6500