Seipasa is a pioneer Spanish company in the development, manufacturing and marketing of environmental friendly agro-inputs in order to produce healthy food. During the last years Seipasa has specialized itself in biologicals and biostimulant products, suitable to meet the current and future requirements for the most demanding markets.

Its products, manufactured based on natural origin substances in its facilities at L´Alcudia (Valencia) meet the most restrictive quality, environmental-friendly and health and security standards.

Seipasa markets its products in many different countries along the world, meeting the most different and singular agricultural requirements, without forgetting its commitment with the quality of its products and the responsibility of leading the new eco-revolution. All Seipasa products are organics, and certified as suitable for its use in organic farming.

Seipasa offers to national and international farmers the chance of protecting its crops against pest and diseases, making sure that the harvest will be out of residues. This residues exemption is due to the new methodology based on the Global System R-free, used as the only possible pathway to be followed in order to achieve healthier and safer crops, needed in the current global situation.

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Carretera de Almudévar, 2
Tardienta, 22240