The name itself reveals how the company works and in what we believe.

The SP philosophy is entirely based on Nature, since it is for us the source where we start our researching program; nature is our means, because Sourcon Padena develops only products that grow naturally in the environment; and nature is our end, as the environment and plants’ care is what we work for every day.

The Sourcon Padena intent is to create an ever-sustainable agriculture thanks to a unified activity of research, development and production. SP cooperates with different research institutes, either private or public, such as science-leading universities, in the name of new, forceful and completely natural solutions for farmers, in total regard of Nature.

The R&D activities occur in two different sites:

  • In Tübingen (Germany), in the SP laboratories, where the fundamental biological and efficacy screening of the microorganisms, our A.I., are carried out. In this location, small-scale productions and new formulas are developed that later on would be tested on an industrial scale in our production plant.
  • In Cotignola (Italy), where our industrial production site is located, takes place the formulation, filling and packing through state of the art plants, completely devoted to these new microorganisms-based formulations.

SP Sourcon Padena through the years has created a wide and efficient partnerships’ network, both European and International, overseeing the efficacy trials of their products.

SP Sourcon Padena’s activities aren’t focused only on the production of its own strains, but also offers its know-how and competency to the market.

Contact Info:

Sindelfinger Str. 3
Tübingen, 72070