Stepan Agricultural Solutions

Stepan Agricultural Solutions

Stepan Agricultural Solutions is cultivating excellence. As a global supplier of inert ingredients and formulation technology, we have been a trusted partner to customers in the agricultural industry for over 50 years. Our in-house formulation experts and global manufacturing network are dedicated to working with our customers to address their agrochemical needs. We are committed to providing innovative products that have outstanding performance and unique sustainability benefits. Stepan offers a broad portfolio of dispersants, green solvents, adjuvants, emulsifiers and specialty blends. Most recently we have expanded our technical capabilities through our fermentation platform with an initial focus into rhamnolipids. The Stepan Agricultural Innovation Center, which also houses our Advanced Formulation Services business, demonstrates our commitment to liquid and dry formulation design, strategic partnerships, education and sustainable agriculture. Visit or contact any member of the Stepan Agricultural Solutions team to learn more about our latest technologies and R&D efforts for biologicals, organic farming and microplastics alternatives.


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