Technology Sciences Group

Technology Sciences Group

TSG Consulting (Technology Sciences Group Inc.) provides state, federal and international expertise on a wide range of scientific and regulatory issues. With experts in regulatory affairs, chemistry, toxicology, ecotoxicology, residue and metabolism, environmental fate, efficacy and risk assessment, TSG supports the registration, compliance and defense of chemically related products. Our clients include chemical, pesticide, consumer product, food, personal care and animal health companies, as well as industry groups, trade associations and law firms.

TSG’s regulatory and scientific experts have been involved with biologicals since the beginning, and our strong U.S. and international expertise in this area provides a unique advantage to companies that are looking to develop a biological market entry/expansion strategy, register new products, or maintain compliance in a constantly growing and changing regulatory environment.

With over 100 regulatory and scientific consultants located in offices throughout North America and Europe, TSG is a recognized leader in multinational biological registration and compliance services. Additionally, for companies that are manufacturing or sourcing material from China, TSG can provide valuable services such as locating bonafide Chinese suppliers, performing manufacturing audits, and assisting with U.S. import issues, contract language and negotiations/general communication between companies.

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