Jason Proceviat

Jason joined the PMRA in January of 2020 as Director of Transformation for its Program Renewal project.  Jason has spent the majority of his career in the Canada Border Services Agency leading transformation of the commercial program. Jason’s biggest accomplishment at the CBSA was the role he played in leading the adoption and implementation of the electronic manifest for highway carriers. He helped transform the customs clearance of trucks and cargo from a paper based manual process to fully automated paperless process. Prior to the e-manifest project, only 10 out of 20,000 registered highway carriers were submitting electronic cargo reports to the CBSA. Within three years time all highway carriers were submitting electronic manifests as a mandatory requirement to cross the border. Prior to joining the PMRA, Jason spent a year with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office leading the transformation of its client digital services portfolio. Jason was able to introduce a new digital service channel by developing a B2B portal for clients to submit patents and trademarks.  Jason is looking to bring his experience in leading transformations to the PMRA in helping modernize both its business process and its technology platform to improve its program performance.