BioProtection Global (BPG) is the new name that has been adopted by the federation of the world’s leading Biocontrol and Biological Associations, established in fall 2014. The new name was approved and Board members were elected at the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) 2015 in Basel, Switzerland. The objective of BPG is to achieve international harmonization for regulation of biological pest control solutions and to be the central contact for governmental and non-governmental stakeholders worldwide related to biocontrol and biologicals.

BPG’s founding members, the Associscao Brasileira das Empresas de Controle Biologica (ABCBio), the Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP), the Biological Industry Alliance (BPIA), the International Biocontrol Manufacturers (IBMA), and the South African Bioproducts Organisation (SABO), elected Dr. Willem J. Ravensberg as BPG’s 2016 President. Dr. Ravensberg of Koppert Biological Systems currently serves as President of IBMA.

At the same time, Andre Fox, of Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture, and chair of SABO, was elected Immediate Past President and Rick Melnick, of Valent BioSciences Corporation and current Chair of the BPIA, was elected Vice President of BPG for 2016.

“The key to achieving international harmonization is having a global body representing our industry and speaking with one voice to government policy makers and regulators all over the planet,” said Ravensberg. “The biocontrol and biologicals industries are rapidly growing because of demands from consumers everywhere, and there needs to be consistent regulation in all parts of the world to allow our member companies to satisfy these demands.”

The BPG will be meeting on March 2nd in Monterey, California during the 2016 International Biocontrol Industry Symposium immediately preceding the BioControls USA 2016 Conference and Expo.