Over a dozen BPIA member companies attended the 2017 Potato Expo in San Francisco, California. This event is the premiere conference and trade show for the potato industry. Many representatives from BPIA member companies stopped by and visited at the BPIA booth. Several BPIA member companies participated along with BPIA in interviews with various media outlets from across the country and around the world. During these interviews, members talked about the exciting growth of the biological products industry and the many new biological and biostimulant products that are becoming available specifically for potato growers. View here and listen here.

Attendees at Potato Expo 2017 came to the trade show seeking strategic ideas and solutions to their growing challenges. More than 180 exhibitors participated, from pest management companies to equipment makers and packagers. More than 2,000 growers, suppliers, and distributors attended the largest conference and trade show held specifically for the potato industry in North America. Potato Expo 2017 offered educational programming covering the top issues facing the potato industry, provided networking opportunities with key decision makers, and showcased the latest products and services for potato production, storage, distribution, potato health, and pest management.