The symposium explored a range of global topics with speakers from around the world discussing biological products markets, regulatory challenges, and the rapidly developing biostimulants industry. Manel Cervera of DunhamTrimmer presented an overview of the global biostimulant and biopesticide market which contrasted the two segments. A regulatory panel moderated by Amy Roberts of Lallemand Plant Care discussed recent changes for biological product dossiers in the EU and provided insight into the investment required to support global registrations. Another panel moderated by Jeff Blackwood of BASF discussed the current legislative challenges to passing a renewal of the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act from a range of perspectives and the potential implications for BPIA member companies. Biostimulants were the focus for a panel moderated by Roger Tripathi of Global BioAg Linkages with discussion of the need for a harmonized regulatory framework rather than the fragmented approach currently existing throughout most of the world. The symposium closed with speakers explaining the growing opportunities for biological products in public health and China. Susanne Kluh of the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District shared the challenges of controlling public health pests, especially mosquitoes, in a city with many international visitors such Los Angeles and the potential role for biological products. Antares Wang with Asia Commodities and Shipping Limited detailed the exciting prospects for biological products in China being created by changing consumer attitudes and new government policies. The BPIA 2018 Fall Meeting and Sustainability Symposium will be held 8-10 October 2018 at the Rochester Riverside Hotel in Rochester, NY.