(PO Box 313 Oakton, VA 22124)– Biological Products Industry Allianceis pleased to announce it’s supporting partnershipin the first AgriBusiness GlobalSM Biostimulant CommerceCon on 30-31 July, 2018 in Phoenix Arizona, USA.

AgriBusiness Global Biostimulant CommerceCon, a one-and-a-half-day educational conference and trade show, is dedicated to providing strategies for commercialization in the rapidly growing biostimulant industry.

Biostimulant suppliers will learn from experts which markets to approach based on regulatory opportunity, crop acreage and distribution. Sessions will also include presentations on distribution nuances in key markets, and strategic commercialization approaches for partnering with distribution companies to gain optimal market reach.

The event will also draw heavily from the co-located global Trade Summit’s premium distributor/retailer attendee base (www.tradesummit.com/global), as well as bring in traditional crop input suppliers looking for partnership opportunities, formulation options, and ROI on diversifying their portfolios with biosim partners.

To meet with Biological Products Industry Allianceat the upcoming Biostimulant CommerceCon, please register at www.BiostimCommerceCon.com or send enquiries for event participation to bbartels@meistermedia.com.

For further information about Biological Products Industry Alliance as well as its products and services, please contact Keith Jonesat 202-570-1411. Stay updated on AgriBusiness Global media and events by subscribing here for news and updates.