The Biological Products industry Alliance (BPIA) held its 2019 Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon last week. It was the association’s largest meeting to date with well over 200 registered attendees.

“The growth of our annual event closely tracks with the rapid growth of our industry,” said Keith Jones, Executive Director of BPIA. “Every year, we are seeing bigger and bigger numbers at our programs.”

The biological product symposium featured topics such as the regulatory future of biostimulants, the thriving Canadian market for biological products, and the need to transform the global supply chain to recognize the importance of advancing sustainability through biological solutions. Expert speakers traveled from as far away as South Africa and included government officials from AAFC, EPA, PMRA, USDA, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

“Our members are already looking forward to getting together again in Washington, DC in the fall,” said Jones. “BPIA will hold its 2019 Member Fall Fly-In on September 23-25.”