BPIA members participated in the first PRIA Coalition Quarterly Stakeholder Meeting of 2020. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the entire meeting was conducted remotely. The meeting was run by PRIA Coordinator, Steve Schaible.
The meeting included updates regarding OPP working remotely; the delayed physical relocation of OPP from Crystal City to the Federal Triangle Complex; OPP’s ongoing COVID-19 Response; CATSAC status; PRIA Submissions, Completions, and Renegotiations; Renegotiation Rates through FY’20 Midyear; On-time Completion Rates through FY’20 Midyear; PRIA Submissions by Type; Fees Collected in FY’20 through FY’20 Midyear; 45/90 Preliminary Technical Screen through Q2 FY’20; and Non-PRIA Fast Tracks & Notifications through Q2 FY’20. See EPA’s slides here.
The next PRIA Quarterly Stakeholder Meeting will hopefully be at the EPA offices on July 8, 2020.